Meet Our Team

Andy Simner Sales & Marketing Director

Joined the Group in 1995 and was part of the team which set up Connects2 in 2000

My role includes taking design ideas through from concepts to finished products by directing the Sales Team and managing their relationships with our global network of dealers and distributors; managing the Marketing Team to maximise all platforms of media to communicate new products and existing product ranges in an effective way, and liaising with the Technical Team to product and support our products for our customers worldwide.

Hobbies / Interests outside of work

My family - my wife and two young boys take up most of my free time! We especially enjoy travelling together. When I do get time to myself, my hobbies have always been football, gardening and I am quite interested in antiques.

Sales Managers

John Gulliver Export Sales Manager

Joined in 2000

I am in charge of managing the Export Team to co-ordinate the international shipment of Connects2 products and looking after our key global accounts. I am continually looking into new countries, territories and markets where we can expand the business through aftermarket and OEM import business. I also travel often to meet customers to gain a better understanding of their local markets, as well as visiting shows with Connects2 to demonstrate our latest innovative products.

Hobbies / Interests outside of work

Keeping fit, biking and running. Training for different events throughout the year. Going out and spending time with family and friends

Most embarrassing moment

Stag do - being dressed up as a woman

  • Johngulliver77

Josh Beddow UK Sales Manager

Joined in 2004

I am responsible for leading and guiding the UK Sales Team. As a team, we look after all areas of the UK market from independent retailers, E-commerce and national chainstores and constantly look for opportunities to maintain and grow sales. We aim to do this by constantly being first in the integration market and by analysing the current needs of our customers.

Hobbies / Interests outside of work

I enjoy spending time with my family and have a keen interest in football.

Most embarrassing moment

Probably texting the Director of the company thinking I was texting my wife asking what colour underwear she was wearing! Ooops.

Angie Dimmack Sales Manager - BRIC

Joined the group in 1987 and moved to Connects2 in 2010

My role encompasses business development for the BRIC region and involves customer liaison alongside account support and development. When carrying a product through from initial idea to delivery, I am in contact with all departments, from Development and Purchasing to Production and Despatch. I also pride myself in ongoing customer support with technical and application issues after sales.

Hobbies / Interests outside of work

Gym! (don’t laugh – I go regularly at the moment!) Socialising with friends and family! I am currently learning (very slowly) Spanish. I enjoy cooking and baking.

Most embarrassing moment

Too many to mention…. Most are from too long ago! A few more recent but not appropriate to print!

  • Angie.dimmack


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