Scosche MagicMOUNT Solutions


Quick, Convenient and Hands-Free; the MagicMount™ XL is a powerful magnetic clamp mounting system for attaching the mount with its clip to a table or desk that is up to 1.4” thick, then securing your tablet or larger device to the attached mount. Mount your tablet and larger devices with the large plate, and most smaller devices with the small plate. The extremely versatile clip on this mount makes it perfect for attaching and securing the mount on many places in your home or garage such as a table or work desk. Once the mount is secured, attach your device to the magnet, and use the flexible neck to perfectly position your device so it’s in perfect eye view, and ready to go for use!

Features & Benefits

  • The XL’s larger magnetic surface is designed for tablets and larger, heavier devices
  • Safely and quickly secure a mobile device to a wide variety of car, home or office surfaces.
  • The XL's larger surface gives you 2X the magnet power to provides secure grip to larger mobile devices
  • Extra powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets provide a secure grip to your devices and are 100% mobile device safe.
  • 4-Axis, 360 Degree adjustable head with enhanced soft touch rubber lock-nut for secure positioning and optimal viewing from almost any angle.


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