Scosche MagicMOUNT Solutions


The Scosche MPQ2V MagicMount™ Pro Charge Vent system is perfect for conveniently charging your Qi-enabled Smartphone while mounted to your vehicles vent for hands-free driving. It has been Qi-Certified for safety and compatibility with any Qi-enabled device including Apple or Samsung’s Fast Charging devices to give you the fastest charge possible. The foreign object detection makes sure that charging only activates when your phone is properly placed over the charging area and when nothing is obstructing that area. To charge your phone, just connect power to the mount using the included USB car power adapter and USB to micro-USB charging cable. Wirelessly charge your phone with up to 10-Watts of charging power.

Features & Benefits

  • The charging element is Qi-Certified to be compatible with most Qi-enabled devices including Apple or Samsung Fast Charging devices.
  • Will not charge when any foreign objects are obstructing the charging area.
  • Secure a mobile device to any vehicles vent using the removable clips.
  • The removable vent clips make it easy to switch the mount from car to car or for use with a rental car.
  • Extra powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets provide a secure grip to your devices and are 100% mobile device safe.


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