Scosche MagicMOUNT Solutions


Qi-Certified Magnetic Surface Mount with StickGrip™ Adhesive Mat for Qi-Enabled Smartphones in a Car, Truck or RV. he Scosche MQUSM Surface Mount is the perfect solution to bring Qi-Wireless charging to your any vehicles dash or console area. It has been Qi-Certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) to assure safe, compatible wireless charging with any Qi-enabled device including fast charging to Apple or Samsung devices with up to 10-Watts of power. Safety features like foreign object detection makes sure that charging only activates when your phone is properly placed over the charging area and when nothing is obstructing that area.

Features & Benefits

  • The charging element is Qi-Certified to be compatible with most Qi-enabled devices including Apple or Samsung Fast Charging devices.
  • Will not charge when any foreign objects are obstructing the charging area.
  • Use the included StickGrip™ double-sided adhesive mat to secure the MagicMount Charge to any vehicles dash, console or other flat surface area. The LED illuminates a solid green to indicate a successful placement. No vehicle modification is required.
  • Plug the cables USB side into the included 12V power adapter and your vehicles outlet, then plug the micro-USB side into the mounts port to power it.
  • The LED indicator on the magnetic mount flashes from blue to green and then back to blue when powering up. Once fully powered, it turns solid green during standby mode and blue when charging your device.


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